January 5th Walk Revisited

I had been thinking of going to Bradford today to watch the National Cyclo-cross championships which were taking place in Peel Park, however when I got up I saw that it was drizzly, gloomy and very windy. I didn't fancy dragging my bulky body all the way out there (a 0.5 mile walk, 30 minute train journey, 1.5 mile walk) only to then stand about in a muddy park all afternoon getting cold and wet. I decided to go for a local walk with my pal Lisa instead.

We did the same walk that I did on January 5th because I wanted to take some more photographs to contrast with the ones that I took on the earlier walk. The original walk was done in lovely crisp winter conditions. Today was somewhat different. I've mentioned before that I suffer from S.A.D. and today was the kind of day that really makes me feel low if I stay indoors unless I use my S.A.D. lightbox.

We did the walk, and I took pictures of the sheep at ‘Old Chamber' again. Compare this…

Sheep on a gloomy winter walk

with the original picture…

Sheep on a winter walk

The earlier walk made me feel happy. Today's was better than staying indoors, but I really don't like gloomy Yorkshire days! The single biggest thing wrong with living here is the relative lack of sunshine, especially in the winter. Oh well, at least the long range forecast for 2009 is for a good sunny summer. 🙂

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2 Responses to “January 5th Walk Revisited”

  1. Hi Colin
    Congratulations on the start of your new blog. I’ll be watching your progress with interest as I’m also trying to lose weight for a good summer of cycling. I don’t think I’ve got the bottle to post a picture of my own belly on my blog…..mmm….maybe I should!?!

    Is it true? are we really in for a good sunny summer?

    Take care

  2. Yay, I have a comment at last… thanks Karen!

    I’ll have to go and check out your blog now. 😉

    As for the weather – 3 different forecasts said that it would be mild and dry here today, but the rain is absolutely hammering down!

    The very-long-range forecast takes into account phenomena such as La Niña in the Pacific which change fairly slowly and predictably so I reckon that they have a chance of getting that right. I hope so because two awful UK summers in a row were a large part of why I got fat again in the first place. Here’s a useful Met Office link. Fingers crossed!


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