I Want to Lose Weight

I Hate Being Fat!

Like many people in the Western world today, I hate being fat and I want to lose weight. I started 2009 about 45 pounds over the weight that I’d like to be. I gained 13 inches round my waist in just 2 years, I could really feel the difference in my day to day life, and I didn’t like it. What is really shocking is that there will be many people reading this who would be really pleased to be ‘only’ carrying 45 pounds of surplus fat.

Weight loss before and after photos - waist before

I’d read many times that a waistline like mine dramatically increases the risk of bowel cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes and that scared me – a lot of men in my family have died from diabetes-related conditions. I realised that I needed to tackle the problem before it got any worse.

Please, please, please – if you are as fat as me or fatter – trust me, you need to get serious about sorting out your weight problem – now!

Hey, I’m not going to make excuses for myself – me getting fat was not due to my ‘genes’, it was not due to my ‘metabolism’, but it was my fault… I drank too much beer, I ate too much food, and I didn’t get enough exercise. Unlike many people in the Western world today, I didn’t turn to drugs, fad diets, surgery or praying-and-hoping-for-a-miracle to put things right.

I bought a good eBook on fat loss and healthy eating and set about following its very clear guidelines. I also joined a related online fat loss and fitness support community which is giving me valuable motivation during my health and fitness journey. I’m currently writing reviews of them which I’ll be posting about soon.

If you need a bit of encouragement to help you lose weight, please follow my progress on this site.

More information on the slimmerandfitter.com About page.

There are links to my RSS feeds at the bottom of the page (If you don’t know what RSS is, I highly recommend that you learn about t so that you can follow your favourite blogs without the tedium of having to manually go and check each one out every day. You might like to watch RSS in Plain English, a very good explanation of what RSS can do for you.)

Remember – If one one fat person can lose weight,┬áso can another!

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