I Feel Good!

I had a quiet day today – I got no exercise other than walking up and down the stairs a few times. I was going to get on my exercise bike but I spent too much time doing odd jobs on the computer and eventually decided to cook my evening meal instead. I’ll make sure that I do something energetic tomorrow.

All I wanted to say really, was that my new year has started very well. I’m sticking to my healthy eating plan, I have greatly reduced my alcohol intake and I’m slowly ramping up my weekly exercise programme. I’ve so far avoided all of the nasty winter bugs that seem to be circulating in the UK, my waist line is shrinking by about 2/3  inch a week, and I’m maintaining a good steady and healthy rate of fat loss. Best of all – I Feel Good!

I’m beginning to think that blogging isn’t so daft after all! I wasn’t sure that it was a good idea when I started, because if I didn’t make progress, I was going to make myself look really stupid, but… that was the whole reason for doing it. I knew that my pride wouldn’t let me just bum around and carry on getting fatter.

There is still a lot of work to do. The blog was always intended to just be part of what I am doing with this website. I want to produce a valuable walking and cycling resource for this area. I know so many good on- and off-road cycling routes and scenic footpaths, it would be a shame not to build up a library of them for other people to refer to.

If you are trying to shift some stubborn  fat this year, I hope that you are having success too!

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2 Responses to “I Feel Good!”

  1. I have found blogging really motivating!

  2. Oh, trio of the pink blog – hi!

    I was just taking a look at what you have done so far this year – pretty impressive!

    One thing though – I never compare road miles with offroad miles because they are so different. A 6 hour road ride (at a sensible speed) is pretty easy, a 6 hour MTB ride over hilly, rough terrain is MUCH harder. My longest road ride was down through the Peak District from Hebden Bridge to Coventry – about 140 miles in just under 13 hours and I felt pretty good at the end of it. The 40 miles or so of the Rossendale MTB Challenge (plus riding to and from Rawtenstall) in 10 hours nearly killed me!

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