Horsehold Walk

The forecast was for a damp, mild day but it started off dry so I decided to go for a fairly short walk with Lisa before the rain came along. I didn’t stop to take any photographs today, but I have some from doing the same walk in mid-November and I’ll use a selection of of those to brighten up this post.

For a nice gentle warm-up, we strolled along the canal towpath in the direction of Todmorden as far as Callis Bridge. This is where the Pennine Way footpath and also the Pennine Bridleway/Mary Towneley Loop cross the A646. For those crossing the busy road to the right, there is a Pegasus Crossing but we turned left and headed up the bridleway into Callis Wood.

Up through Callis Wood

On foot, it is possible to follow the trail further up the hill past a farm. Today, we took the shorter option which is to stick to the bridleway as it curls back through the top of the woods towards Horsehold.

The bridleway comes out at the top of Horsehold Road, a very steep singletrack road up from Hebden Bridge to the farming hamlet of Horsehold. Sometimes we go right, past the farm buildings, but today we wanted to get back to Hebden Bridge before the rain set in so we turned left down the road.

Heptonstall from Horsehold Road

Obligatory sheep photo…

November sheep

I had a few twinges in my right knee – I sometimes get that walking down steep hills but it’s nothing much to worry about (yet!). Lisa has been having problems with her knees too. I suppose that it isn’t surprising given how tough some of the local hills are, and how often we tackle them.

Hebden Bridge from Horsehold Road


Almost home

We made a quick visit to the ‘Co-op’ (supermarket), and then our customary cafe stop back in town. We had one biscuit each, and a shared toasted currant teacake with our coffees.

As we walked home, light rain started – great timing! 😉

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