Home Again

I came back to Yorkshire again today, so that was another 4 miles of cycling to and from railway stations.

The vibration I felt from my bike on the Cotswold Challenge has got worse. When I got home, I checked the bike and discovered that the bearings in my rear wheel are worn out. Great – that’s all my 3 bikes out of action now! I really must maintain my bikes better.

The trouble is, the wheels on the Cannondale are Campagnolo Protons which have sealed bearings and I think a special tool is needed to service them. More expense and hassle… 😥

It turns out that the cassette lock-ring had come loose and also the nut which holds the hub together. The resultant play is probably what destroyed the bearings.

I’m going to take the 10-speed cassette off the Proton rear wheel and install it on my Basso’s rear wheel in place of its (worn-out) 9-speed cassette. I’ve only just realised that 9-speed and 10-speed cassettes fit the same Campag hubs  – the sprocket spacing is smaller on the 10-speed, but overall, the cassettes are the same width. [PS – job done! I couldn’t stand the thought of not having a working bike. While I was at it, I discovered that the rear tyre on the Proton had worn out so I’ve replaced that. Fortunately I had a spare Michelin Krylion so I’ve put that on.]

Now I need to see about getting the Proton serviced and then I need to fix the Basso. I have the parts, but have mislaid my crank puller and can’t do the work without it. [PS – I just bought one from the local bike shop (LBS) – £12.95! I’ll probably find the other one now…]

I also have to order new parts for my MTB. I have friends coming up for a MTB weekend in 2 weeks time and it needs to be working again in time for that. Blimey – it’s all go, isn’t it! [PS – the LBS is quoting £115 for parts. I like to support local shops, but I can’t really afford that unless it is pretty close to what I’d spend online.]

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6 Responses to “Home Again”

  1. Hi Colin, Welcome back !

    I don’t see any talk of weight loss, how are you doing?


  2. Hi Alun.

    Going away broke my usual routine. I wasn’t able to weigh myself every day for a week so I can’t do my usual trick of averaging 7 readings to get one figure for the week. Yesterday, the reading was 14 st 10 lbs and today it is 14 st 9 lbs. I think I’ll be optimistic and take a lowish figure for last week’s weight and go back to averaging the daily readings at the end of this week. I’ll do a proper progress report tomorrow and also write up my Cotswold Challenge ride, plus one I did this afternoon.

    How is your weight loss coming along?

  3. Hi Colin,

    I have lost the Benidorm lard and another 2 lbs, so I’m back on track.

    Will you be organising another Etape de Hebden Bridge soon?


  4. Well done!

    I keep saying that I need to get more serious again, but talk is cheap and all I’m doin’ is talkin’…

    I might be nipping out on Sunday with Calum off CycleChat (and maybe some others) but…

    I woke up this morning (dum-Dum-dum-dum)
    With a sore right leg (dum-Dum-dum-dum)
    And I started thinkin’ (dum-Dum-dum-dum)
    I’d better stay in bed (dum-Dum-dum-dum)
    But I need to get movin’ (dum-Dum-dum-dum)
    Or I’ll stay fat (dum-Dum-dum-dum)
    And you know, dear readers (dum-Dum-dum-dum)
    I wouldn’t like that…

    That’s enough Blues for one morning!

    If my leg is up to it, there will be a ride on Sunday and you’d be welcome to join us. I was thinking a hilly ride over to the cafe at Waddington and a flatter ride back. Probably about 65 miles in total but I haven’t mapped a route yet. I’m also open to suggestions for the following weekend. After that, I’m booked up for 3 weekends.

  5. I like the sound of that ride Colin, hope your leg is OK.

    What time/place were you going to start, will you post it on Cyclechat?

    The weather looks good for the weekend.

  6. Hi Alun.

    The leg seems to be getting better. I don’t know what was wrong with it to heal this quickly. It didn’t feel like cramp.

    I’ve posted this thread on CycleChat about the proposed ride.

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