Heptonstall Again…

I’m having a bad winter! I think I’d have been struggling anyway even without my mum getting ill and dying, but that has really got me down and now I’m struggling to get going again…

I’m fatter and less fit than I’ve been for 4 years and I don’t like it. I really don’t know how people put up with feeling like this (or worse) all the time. I have to get back on my bike and work this flab off. I’ve at least taken some action in that respect – I have organised a 57 mile CycleChat forum ride for next Sunday. It won’t be quite as hilly as some of my rides, but it will be a shock to my system. (Hopefully not a lethal one!)

At least I got a quick stroll to Heptonstall in on Saturday afternoon. I was about to go to the shops in Hebden Bridge when Lisa rang and asked if I fancied escorting her up the hill. I did that and then walked straight back down to the shops in town. It added a big hill and 30 minutes of walking to my shopping trip, and got my pulse rate up for a while, which I really need at the moment.

I got some money for my birthday recently so I have a little more spending money than usual. I power-walked up the hill to meet Lisa and treat her to lunch. The weather wasn’t great and Lisa didn’t have walking boots on so we didn’t do our usual scenic detour on the way home, electing instead to walk straight back down the road. My knees were aching slightly doing that. I can tell that I haven’t been doing much – everything is starting to seize up!

Oh well, at least I got a couple of short walks in this weekend. I want to get 2 rides in before next weekend to prepare me for the coming forum ride. I don’t have time to get fit, but perhaps I can nudge a little power back into my legs!

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