Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year, folks!

Here we are, another year, and a better start for me than last year.

Yes, I'm still fat, but at 15 stone 12 pounds (222 pounds, 100.7 kg), at least I'm about 9 pounds down on early January last year.

I'm still upset about my mum dying at Christmas 2010, but the raw grief has faded so I feel more up for this year's challenges.

I have a little more money than last year so I am feeling less stressed, though the pressure is still on to earn a living ASAP.

So what am I aiming to do this year …?

I'd still like to get down to below 13 stone by doing a lot of cycling and walking, plus keeping my beer intake down. I will tell you about my more interesting rides and walks but I'm not going to bother reporting on every little stroll.

I'll probably get back to posting a weekly ‘progress report' but I think the fat belly photos can be skipped this time round! Maybe I'll take some pictures of me at intervals as my weight finally drops below where I got to in 2009.

I have some interesting ideas. These including writing eBooks for the Amazon Kindle and other eBook readers. I'll be starting a new cycling site, and I have also been writing some puzzle games which I hope to use in prize competitions on a third site. More details about those projects as they progress!

I aim to try and do at least one ride of 100 kms or more each month in 2012. The winter months of January, February, and December are the months likely to catch me out so I have already got 100+ km rides organised for January and February. Hopefully, the current mild conditions in Yorkshire will continue because I don't like doing long rides when there is ice on the roads!

I hope to be reporting soon on a CycleChat forum ride organised for the weekend. It will only be about 40 miles but I haven't been out on my bike for 7 or 8 weeks so I need a couple of shorter rides before tackling any long ones. I have a 106 km (66 mile) ride organised for the weekend after that.

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6 Responses to “Happy New Year 2012!”

  1. I’ve put weight on, given myself 11 weeks to lose most of it as that is when the next race is!

    Look forward to reading about the rides.

  2. HNY Amy! Are you planning to do the mini-Northwest Passage in Feb.? There should be a few of us from CycleChat doing it if it isn’t freezing cold this time round. If you fancy tackling it at a nice easy pace, you know where to find us!

  3. Hoping to ride the 200k version! At the moment it is so warm and damp I can’t imagine other weather conditions!

    Now get riding 😉

  4. I rode the long NWP in 2007 but I didn’t like the amount of A-road riding involved so I worked out a route which eliminated as much of it as I could, while still getting me to the checkpoints. It made the ride a bit longer and hillier, but more scenic and quieter. That naturally meant that I did big stretches of it alone, but I thought it a price worth paying. Definitely not something to do if there is any risk of ice though because those alternative roads were ungritted lanes. If you like the sound of my version, check here on Bikely. I should have uploaded it as a track, but did it as a route so it has hundreds of waypoints which make it slow-loading. It’s worth a look, anyway.

  5. I’m doing a 200 the week before down south, but if I do it I will probably stick to the A roads for the company. We shall see.

    Glad to see you are riding tomorrow 😉

  6. Yes – the forecast is great for this time of year. It will be very cold but as long as we don’t have problems with ice, I’m happy; blue skies really lift my mood! I had a stroll today and it felt good to be out in the sun again.

    Enjoy your 200s!

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