Gym Bike Session #3, 2010

I'm still feeling very little temptation to cycle outdoors. It was grey earlier and then it started snowing again – aargh! At this rate, my first audax ride of the year in 2.5 weeks time is under threat. (That's the Mini North-West Passage.)

So, instead, I did another 65 minute session on the exercise bike this afternoon.

I'd forgotten to install the DVD playback software on my laptop so I stuck to listening to music on today's session.

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3 Responses to “Gym Bike Session #3, 2010”

  1. I’m sure the indoor sessions will be keeping you fitness up. But personally I don’t know how you do it, I have to get outside otherwise I can’t motivate myself at all!

  2. I never used to be able to last much over an hour on the turbo. After about 20mins my legs would start turning to jelly and this puddle would start to form on the floor around the bike.

  3. @Red, @Trio – I don’t exactly look forward to the indoor sessions which is why I’ve only managed 3 so far this year! Once I’ve got warmed up though, the time soon passes.

    I’m not fit enough at the moment to make big efforts so I just put in a worthwhile effort for a minimum of an hour. I let whatever track I’m on at that point finish, then warm-down to one more. It usually ends up being 65 minutes plus or minus a minute or two.

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