Gym Bike Session #2, 2010

I did another 65 minute session on the exercise bike this afternoon. I stuck to a pretty high cadence and moderate resistance setting. Fairly boring, but effective.

I've found my missing DVD playback software and will be installing it soon so that I can do my next gym bike session watching a cycle training DVD that I have been given to review.

I tell you what – in years gone by, at this time of year I'd be looking forward to doing a 2 week cycle training camp in Spain in March. My early spring cycling holiday was the highlight of my year and I miss it. I must start earning a decent living again so I can afford to start the holidays up again. Also – I have a friend who lives in Tenerife. It would be great to take my bike out there and have a go at riding up Mount Teide!

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5 Responses to “Gym Bike Session #2, 2010”

  1. Spring training camp sounds a lovely idea! I unfortunately will have to stick to cycling the streets of Manchester.

  2. @trio And I will have to stick to the gym bike or the familiar local hills. Which reminds me – I must put the replacement front mech. on my Basso so that I have a fully functional bike again!

  3. I still can’t cope with more than 30 ish mins on a ‘turbo’ before my legs die

  4. @Redbikes You must be going at a very high intensity then. I pace myself either by going at a steady effort after my warm-up, or I do intense intervals with plenty of recovery in between. I must admit that when I first used a turbo trainer, I did tend to over do things and could barely walk after an hour on it!

  5. Hmmm – I’ve just noticed that this new WordPress theme doesn’t display comments as threads. Bummer. I have a whole year of commented posts which won’t make as much sense now. Never mind, I don’t suppose many people actually read them anyway! From now on I’ll use the @comment-author convention in my replies to show who I am replying to. I suppose that I’ll have to edit that in to replies to replies too – aaaargh!

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