Gym Bike Session #1, 2010

The conditions outdoors continue to be dangerous for cycling and unpleasant for walking but I needed to get some exercise. I finally forced myself to go down into my unheated spare room and do a session on my gym bike.

I worked at a moderately hard rate, sometimes backing off for recovery and sometimes pushing myself harder. I could tell that I've not used my pedalling muscles for a few weeks! The first 5 minutes were uncomfortable because of the cold, despite wearing a padded gilet. Another 5 minutes and I was over-heating so the gilet had to come off. It's the first gym bike session though where I didn't need a fan blowing on me. I tried it but after 30 seconds I was getting chilled so I turned it off. Better to be a bit too hot than to be cold.

I had aimed to do an hour but continued to the end of the last song I was listening to. It ended up being 65 minutes.

(PS Gene – I haven't forgotten that I was to review your training DVD. I'll do it as soon as I have DVD playback software installed on my Dell laptop. I've lost the disk with it on!)

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2 Responses to “Gym Bike Session #1, 2010”

  1. Using a turbo really heats the house up quickly. After 30/45mins my shirts off and patio doors are wide open.

  2. Your house is obviously better insulated than mine! I managed to warm myself up but the room was still cold.

    I was quite amused to notice after my spinning session that I’d released so much water vapour into the air that the windows in the adjacent kitchen had steamed up!

    I’ve got an unheated cellar directly below the kitchen and that has been below freezing point for about 3 weeks so the ceramic-tiled kitchen floor has been really cold.

    I can put up with the usual degree of cold we get here in Yorkshire. I don’t have central heating or double glazing so the house gets quite cold, but that’s okay, I just wear more clothing.

    This past bitterly cold month though, I’ve been wearing a long-sleeved base layer, a heavy t-shirt, a big heavy jumper, one buff round my neck and a second one on my head to keep my bald spot warm, and that is with a gas fire on in the room! I’m glad it has warmed up now, though I don’t like the overcast drizzly conditions that brought the milder temperatures.

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