Goodbye Mum…

Overall, 2010 was a pretty bad year for me, but the last quarter was truly awful.

My elderly mother had been in poor health for several years and then she became seriously ill in September. The family hoped that she would get better, but after a 3 month struggle she died in hospital a few days ago. We had maintained a 9-day vigil by her bedside and she died peacefully with my younger sister at her bedside.

She was a sweet woman and she will be sorely missed.

Seeing my mum that way reminded me how fragile life is, and how quickly time passes. We owe it ourselves, and to each other, to make the most of what time we are granted here on Earth.

So, even though my heart is heavy, I'm going to try my hardest to somehow have a good year in 2011. I hope yours is a good one too.

R.I.P. mum.

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2 Responses to “Goodbye Mum…”

  1. Hugs, even folllowing illness its not easy to lose someone.

  2. Thanks Amy.

    I feel a mixture of great sadness, but also relief that my mum’s suffering is over. My dad died 7 years ago after they had been married for 61 years and she was never quite the same after that.

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