Glaucoma Test

My mother suffers from glaucoma and it is recommended that close family members should have regular eye tests to see if they are developing the condition. This is very important because 6% of such close family will go on to suffer from glaucoma themselves, and it is the second biggest cause of blindness.

My mum has lost nearly all of the sight in one eye to glaucoma so she was very keen for me and my two sisters to have the tests done. I finally got round to it today. (My sisters were tested earlier this year and they were okay.)

I had a thorough eye test done, including a glaucoma pressure test (the condition is often caused by a build-up of pressure within the eyeballs). Fortunately, the pressure in my eyes was normal.

I also had a vision test done and as expected, that showed that I need weak reading glasses. I have been using a pair for 3 or 4 years now, self-selected from a stall in Hebden Bridge market. It's pretty obvious when you can no longer read small print and struggle with all reading in poor light. I found that the weakest pair on the stall were about right for me.

If you haven't had an eye test done recently, it would be worth your while making an appointment for one. An optometrist can detect many other serious conditions apart from glaucoma, and the sooner these are spotted, the sooner they can be treated!

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