First Walks Of Winter

The forecasts were right! I woke up yesterday morning to a very cold house and it had snowed overnight. Some parts of Yorkshire had big snow falls but we only got a light dusting here. There was quite a bit of ice around.

For once, I had some spare cash after being paid to repair my brother-in-law's PC on my recent visit*** so I told Lisa that I'd walk up to Heptonstall with her and buy us lunch at the cafe there.

It was a cold day, but we had clear blue skies so it was great for walking, suitably wrapped up against the bitter conditions, of course. We had time to go via Colden Clough and Lumb Bank.

Bare tree, winter sunshine
Bare tree, winter sunshine

Lumb Bank, winter sunshine
Lumb Bank, winter sunshine

We shared a bowl of chips and a big piece of carrot cake in the cafe and sat around chatting and drinking coffee. By the time I left Lisa and headed back down the hill, the sun was setting. There was a glorious sunset and I tried to capture it but I'm afraid that my pictures were under exposed so I haven't bothered to post one here. I'll try again next weekend, maybe and experiment with different exposures to see what works best.

So, that was yesterday. I intended to meet Lisa in Heptonstall today for another little sunny winter stroll but I lost track of time and set off late. I tried contacting her but it turned out that she'd left her phone at home so I charged up The Buttress on the off-chance that she was coming down that way. I must have missed her by about 10 minutes because she went straight down the hill to shop at the Co-op. Unknowingly, I followed in her footsteps and shopped there myself, but I didn't catch up with her.

Even though it had only been a short stroll up the hill and to the shops, it was enough to make me feel good. Never think that a small amount of exercise isn't worth bothering about – if you are tight for time, just get 15 minutes or half an hour in where you can – it all adds up to better health and fitness in the long run.

*** As mentioned above – Bro-in-Law's hard disk drive had died. I replaced it and restored his system from a backup. Folks, I can highly recommend Norton Ghost and a spare hard drive connected to a USB2 port for backing-up your computer. It's the second time I've used that combination to bring a dead PC back to life. I really must fix myself up with a system like that when funds permit – I suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure a few years back and lost everything. It took me a week to reinstall Windows and all my other software on a new drive, but all my personal files were gone for ever. Lots of photographs, emails, and other documents. Don't think that it can't happen to you, it can, and eventually it will!

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