Family Visit

I've been away for another family visit so I haven't had as much exercise as I'd have liked, but I squeezed in what I could. I'll give you a summary of the last 6 days…

Wed 4th: I did a brisk walk from home to Hebden Bridge station, and from Coventry station to my sister's house. I was carrying a fairly heavy rucksack. 40 minutes total.

That evening I bodged mudguards on to my singlespeed bike so I can continue riding the bike in bad weather. There is no clearance at all for conventional mudguards or even Crud Roadracers. Instead, I fitted the mudguards that I used to use on my geared Basso. I'd split both of them into two parts and devised a system of brackets to attach them either side of the front and rear brakes. I didn't take a camera down with me so I can't show you what I mean on the singlespeed bike, but I do have pictures of them on my Basso. Here you go…

No clearance for mudguards/fenders (rear)
No clearance for mudguards/fenders (rear)

No clearance for mudguards/fenders (front)
No clearance for mudguards/fenders (front)

I need to buy a track pump (floor pump) to leave with the singlespeed bike. The tyre pressures were too low but I struggled to get enough air in with the Blackburn Airstik pump that I carry with me. Every time I started to make some progress, I seemed to catch the Presta valves and let air back out again – it was really annoying! I worried about getting ‘snakebites' (pinch flats) every time I rode the bike.

Thu 5th: Just a quick blast up to visit my mother on my singlespeed bike. Only 13 minutes on the bike but, curiously, I felt really good afterwards. Maybe I should appreciate small physical efforts more?

I stayed in the guest room there overnight. It felt as though I might be coming down with a bug of some sort – I had an elevated temperature, a wheezy chest and a sore throat. It could be because I find the sheltered accommodation overheated and stuffy – 24 degrees C is way too warm for me, but old folks seem to feel the cold. I don't heat my house until the temperature drops below 10 degrees for extended periods – that's why woollen garments were invented!

Fri 6th: Strange – I felt no sign of the discomfort of the night before; was it just a false alarm? After spending the day with my mum, I did a quick blast back to my sister's house on the S/S bike. After that, a brisk 10 minute walk to my friend's house. We then did a 5 minute walk to buy takeaway curries (not making the same mistake as last visit when I didn't know how big the portions there were). 5 minutes back to his house. 10 minutes brisk walk home at the end of the evening.

Sat 7th: S/S ride to visit ma, then ride back again. I was given a lift up there later to attend a party for her. I indulged myself somewhat with the kind of junk food that I normally avoid. Heck, I don't go to many parties – I'm not going to lose sleep over it! Two 10 minute brisk walks that evening visiting my friend again.

Sun 8th: My sister came down with a cold! Perhaps I'd been fighting the same bug off since Thursday? Another round trip by S/S bike to visit ma.

Mon 9th: Now brother-in-law has the cold! I came home – another 40 minutes of walking to and from stations with my rucksack.

Ah ah – that evening I had the sore throat back again… watch this space!

Tue 10th: Yep, I've definitely got something ‘bubbling under' health-wise! I have a tender throat and a wheezy chest. Nothing too unpleasant at the moment but apparently my sister and brother-in-law now have stinking colds. I don't usually get ill twice in one year and I've already had something back in June so hopefully this will just fizzle out!

I quite fancied a gym bike session today but I'll give myself a day or two to fight this lurgy before exerting myself again. Instead, I just had a quick walk round the shops with Lisa and called in for a coffee at Innovation cafe.

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