Family Matters

I've been away all week visiting my family and I didn't have time to do any cycling or much walking while I was down south.

I ate more than I usually do so I have come back at least a pound heavier and feeling pretty unfit.

And guess what…? Yes – we are going to have another early winter here in the UK. A long cold spell is due to start tomorrow so I won't be doing much outdoor cycling over the next week or so. I gave up cycling in icy conditions after suffering multiple falls on one winter ride. If we could rely on having icy conditions for months at a time, I'd buy some studded tyres for my mountain bike but the trouble with the UK climate is that it is so unpredictable – I'd be switching my tyres back and forth all winter. The ideal solution would be to have a spare set of wheels with studded tyres fitted but I can't afford that.

It looks like my exercise bike will be seeing some hot indoor action soon!

I'll carry on going for walks through the winter but I might invest in some ice grips for my walking shoes this time round. It was pretty treacherous walking round here last winter.

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