Face-planting Pedestrian!

It was a fine sunny day but I had spent too much time dithering about on the computer so I didn't have time to do a long bicycle ride. I decided to do a short tour of the local hills with a couple of steep climbs to give my leg muscles something to think about!

I set off the back way to get to the Keighley Road and passed Kevin (‘tubbycyclist' on CycleChat) on the way. I said a quick hello to him and then rode up to Pecket Well in the sunshine. I was still trying to make my mind up exactly what route to follow, but by the time I'd cleared the woods, my mind was made up:

Keighley Road to Pecket Well, right turn for Old Town, Chiserley then Heights Road to Midgley. I would turn left up a little lane taking me to the top of Jerusalem Lane, then ride down that to Booth. From Booth to Solomon Hill, down that to Luddenden Foot. I'd cross the A646 there and ride round to the steep climb up Jerry Fields Road and Brocks Lane. Left at the top for a short breather along Sowerby Lane, then another steep climb up Broad Lane, Hollins Lane and Cat Lane to the Long Causeway. Right along that and then the steep descent of Hathershelf Lane (with its bone-crunching cobbled section at the bottom), left down Scout Road through the woods to Cragg Road in Mytholmroyd. From there I'd head round the back way to Caldene Avenue and follow the Calder Valley Cycleway back to Hebden Bridge.

So, off I headed from Pecket Well … I rode slowly, taking in the fine sunny views, but I noticed that it was already starting to get chilly as the sun got lower in the sky.

I made my way round to the top of Jerusalem Lane and began my descent. It is a beautiful old Lane, but one to be careful on. The surface isn't great, the camber is bad, and it is steep enough to build up speed quickly. It is fairly narrow.

So, I was already on the brakes as I came to the bend by the farm. I spotted a little girl in a red coat wandering unaccompanied across the road. Somewhere there would be her inattentive family! I rode past her and said hello. Ah, there they were, just ahead …

I was riding slowly and carefully, so nobody need panic, except for that family of course …

“Bike – BIKE!” shouted the man. He was looking up the lane towards me, and could see that I was watching where I was going. So why did he feel the need to freak out the woman next to him? She had her back to me and was so startled by his shout that she ran straight across the road and face-planted on the dry stone wall opposite!

I couldn't believe it. The one thing you just do not do when you have your back to the traffic is to run across the road in front of it!

I slowed to a crawl and asked if she was okay. She said that she was, so I continued on down towards Booth. I've never seen anything like that before; it looked really painful!

The rest of my ride was pretty uneventful. The steep little climbs after that hurt my legs, but that was what they were for. The damage will be repaired and my legs will be the stronger for it.

When I got to the back of Hebden Bridge station, I decided to do a little detour round through Fairfield to take my distance for today up to 15 miles by the time I got home.

I was actually 0.5 miles short, so I did a couple of circuits round some local roads before going back.

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