Exercise Bike Session

I dithered about again today! The sun was shining and I thought of nipping out on the road bike for a couple of hours but I got distracted, and then it was getting a bit too late to be sure of making it round my favourite loop in daylight. In the end I had to force myself to get on the exercise bike…

I couldn’t face doing the same boring old 45 minute session, so I decided to give hard intervals another go. I realised that the problem last time I tried doing them was that I couldn’t sustain the efforts I was making for long enough. Today I set myself a more realistic target of 15 intervals made up of 30 seconds hard effort and 90 seconds easy recovery. With a 5 minute warm-up and a 5 minute warm down that was a total of 40 minutes.

The session was hard work, but more fun than the 45 minute steadier efforts I’ve been making recently. The time passed much more quickly and I felt more tired at the end so I reckon I’ve got more benefit in a shorter time. Two of those sessions a week, plus a decent brisk hilly walk on a weekday and a good weekend road ride should see me through the next month or so.

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