Exercise Bike Session

Well, the worst winter weather for 18 years hit the UK today! There was no way I was going to go cycling, and I didn't fancy walking in those conditions either so I stayed indoors in the warm.

Later on, I decided to do one of my 45 minute exercise bike sessions in my spare room but I'd forgotten how cold that room can be. There is a gas fire in there but I've got so much junk stored in the room that I can't get near it. I reckon it was only a couple of degrees above freezing when I got on the bike today and I was wearing my usual lycra cycling kit – brrrr! I wore a jacket while I was warming up but after about 15 minutes I had to take it off. After another 15 minutes, I was generating so much heat that I had to switch a fan on to stop myself going into melt-down. I was working pretty hard…

I felt pleased that I made the effort today. I think that I might not have bothered without the added pressure of needing something positive to report here on the blog so if it is achieving nothing else, at least it is motivating me which is the main reason that I started it.

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