Exercise Bike Session

I did another 45 minutes on the exercise bike this evening. These sessions may be a bit boring but they are definitely getting me fitter and I think that the 45 minute sessions are much more bearable than the 60-75 minute sessions I used to do. I probably use about the same amount of energy, I just do it more quickly.

I think that I mentioned elsewhere that I oiled the brake pads on the bike a few days ago. That’s made a big difference to how smoothly it operates. The bike has a huge flywheel and resistance is provided by the brake pads rubbing against it. The brake resistance is adjusted by a rotary control which can wind the pads back so far that they no longer touch the edge of the flywheel. The bike is unusable like that because I end up spinning the pedals round at a ridiculously high cadence. As the control is ratcheted tighter, the brakes start to provide a low resistance which is good for a gradual warm-up. Eventually, I set the brake to provide a moderate resistance and pedal fast against that. From time to time I tighten the brake further and then I have to make a big effort to sustain my cadence. I could set the resistance to be so high that it would feel like riding a bike up a steep hill, but to be honest, I never do that – I’d rather save the hill-work for real hills!

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