Exercise Bike Session

It was time for another 45 minute indoor cycling session this evening. I nearly skived off doing it because I’d left it a bit late and was already feeling hungry, but I haven’t done as much exercise this week as the previous two weeks so I needed to make the effort. If I wasn’t writing this blog, I probably wouldn’t have bothered and then I’d have felt angry with myself. I can feel that I won’t have lost as much weight this week as the first two weeks, but every little effort counts.

I did a much more even paced session this time. I’d made a mental note of how hard I was pedalling going up the Cragg Vale climb earlier in the week and tried to replicate that level of effort.

I noticed today that my watch strap is starting to feel loose! It’s amazing how just losing a few pounds can significantly affect the circumference of a wrist!

I have an old leather belt somewhere that I used last time I was slimming. When I started off, I had to make new holes in it to lengthen it so I could get it on. Over a period of months I tightened it up until I’d actually run out of holes and had to make some more so that I could shorten it. That was very positive feedback on how I was progressing.

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