Exercise Bike Session

I needed some exercise, but it was wet and gloomy here today so I decided to get back on the exercise bike again. I did a good steady 45 minutes to an old Hawkwind album (In Search of Space) and some Nirvana (Nevermind).

My hip still isn’t fully recovered from last week’s Cannondale battering. I’m getting old… 😥

Talking of getting old… I went into the local supermarket this evening and No More Heroes was playing over the shop’s music system. I commented to the shop assistant that I hadn’t listened to that track for a long time and she replied that she’d never heard it before. I told her that it was by a band called the Stranglers who were big in the late 70s early 80s. “Never ‘eard of ’em – mind you I wasn’t born then!”

Yep, I’m getting old! 😉

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