Exercise Bike Session

I felt lazy again this evening, but by the mighty power of blogging I somehow found the oomph to get on the old exercise bike for the second time this week. I don’t like to leave too many days between reporting something positive here!

I put a different CD on this time so it was a 46 minute session rather than 47. I’m not obsessing about the duration, I’m just doing 40 minutes if I’m doing intervals and 45-50 minutes if I do a good steady session and tonight was one of the latter.

I was sluggish again to start with, but once warmed up I got into it. I nearly always find that with exercise. If I make the effort to get off my fat bum and do something, I rarely regret it. In fact, I can only think of one or two occasions in 20 years when I’ve changed my mind after a warm-up. Once I rode my bike up onto the local hills on a lovely sunny summer evening with the intention of doing about 25 miles. After about 30 minutes I spotted a bench seat at the side of the road and spontaneously decided to hop off my bike and just sit on the seat enjoying the sunshine and the panoramic views. It was a nice treat to take it easy and not feel obliged to really push myself. I went out the following evening and did a nice long ride to make up for it though.

Boring though these indoor sessions can be, they are definitely bringing on my fitness. It only took me two days to get over the hilly 104 mile ride that I did last Saturday. I haven’t done much actual outdoor cycling since last November, so what fitness I have has largely come from the exercise bike and a few weeks of regular hill-walking.

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