Exercise Bike Session

I had hoped to get out on my bike today, but I didn’t get round to it so it was time to get back on the exercise bike again. It was another 47 minute session because I listened to the same album that I was listening to last time and pedalled through to the end of the final track again. No intervals today, just a good steady effort.

I was very pleased to notice that there was absolutely no stiffness or tiredness left in my legs from the hilly 104 mile road ride on Saturday. That shows that my underlying fitness is pretty good. I just need to shift the remaining 37-odd pounds of flab.

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4 Responses to “Exercise Bike Session”

  1. Keep up the good work. I wish I could ride 100miles without feeling stiff and tired for days after.

    Those few extra lbs aren’t going to be around for much longer at this rate.

  2. Hi RedBike.

    My legs certainly felt very stiff on Sunday, the day after the ride, and they were not fully recovered on the Monday either. I was surprised and pleased that they felt so good last night.

    It’ll certainly be easier to shift the weight once I start doing more regular, longish rides. The change to summer time usually marks the transition for me because I start doing evening rides with mates who can’t get out during the day. Only a month to go!

    Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Colin,

    Take a listen to this: http://www.djsteveboy.com/podrunner.html

    I used to have it on all the time when I was on the X-trainer. Each one lasts about an hour so it’ll take you up from 47 mins.

    Wouldn’t listen to it normally though, it’s youngsters music. They call it House, or Shed or something like that !


  4. Thanks Alun.

    I’m downloading a mix now to try out. Mind you, I don’t have an MP3 player so I’ll have to take my laptop downstairs and plug it into my ghetto-blaster.

    “Youngsters music” – ho ho – we’re not that old! Well, maybe we are but I still listen to that kind of thing from time to time. 😉

    (Hmm, the first download failed – I’ll try again…)

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