Exercise Bike Session

I did 47 minutes on the exercise bike this evening. No, not 40 minutes, and not 45 minutes – 47 minutes! I planned to stop after 45 minutes but I carried on while I finished listening to the last track on the CD I was exercising to.

I always listen to music when using my exercise bike, and never listen to music when riding outdoors. I know some people do, but I don't think it is safe, and I don't need to be entertained outdoors – I enjoy real cycling.

Today's session was at a moderate resistance level, and a fairly high cadence of 90-100 rpm.

I had the usual feelings – pretty bored and sluggish to start with, but I got into it and felt great by the end of the session.

I won't do much tomorrow, except maybe a walk. I have a fairly tough ride planned for Saturday. If all goes according to plan, I'll be doing 103 miles on the road bike with quite a few decent hills to climb over en route.

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