Eating Sensibly

I'm now officially watching what I eat and drink.

I'm going to allow myself a maximum of 6 beers a week, but am intending not to use the full quota every week, and beers cannot be ‘saved up' for a subsequent week. I'll see how I get on with the allowance. If I find myself drinking more than that, I'll cut it out altogether until I've achieved my desired 44 pound fat loss. I finished off the Christmas beer two nights ago and didn't really miss it last night.

I will have a maximum of one ‘treat' meal a week, again – not every week and non-transferable.

I was given a box of chocolates for Christmas. I had 4 of them and gave the rest away.

I refused the biscuits offered to me when I had a cup of tea at a friend's house yesterday.

I made a vegetable chilli this evening. Normally I'd wolf down the whole thing with about 200 mL (dry volume) of couscous and most of a tub of natural yoghurt. This time, I split the chilli into two parts and put half in the freezer for another time. I reduced the couscous portion by 25%. I bought very low fat natural yoghurt and ate half the usual amount of that. Result? Despite a big reduction in meal volume and calories, I still feel pretty full!

I must really have been stuffing myself before. I think I normally eat too quickly, and don't give myself time to realise when I've eaten enough.

There is plenty of scope for further reductions in portion sizes. I haven't started eating extra meals during the day yet. When I do, I won't want to eat as much in the evening. I've bought extra fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds to eat for those snack meals. I've got a smoothie maker and I'm sure that will be seeing some action over the coming months.

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