I was supposed to be riding to Huddersfield today, doing the Brian Robinson Challenge then riding home. It would have been a very hilly, very gruelling 111 miles in total. Right up until last night, I was still planning to do the ride but then I saw sense. I've been feeling that I'm fighting off an infection for days now. My temperature is up, the glands in my neck are swollen and my chest is wheezy. When I exert myself too much my pulse rate goes crazy. It would have been really foolhardy to tackle a hard bike ride when feeling like this so I switched off my alarm clock and slept in instead.

The weather wasn't too bad here this morning, but thunderstorms have blown in and I am very glad indeed that I'm not currently out grovelling up some steep hill miles from home! I made the right decision. 😉

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4 Responses to “DNS!”

  1. Sometimes a day in bed is better for you than a day of hard exercise.

    I hope you recover soon.

  2. Thanks.

    I only slept in for a couple of hours and then spent the rest of the day sitting quietly at the computer. It’s only when I exert myself that I really start to feel bad. I had this kind of bug twice last year and was off the bike for a total of 6 weeks. I really hope it isn’t like that this time round – I’ve got some good rides planned.

  3. Hopefully by being sensible it will go away! My trick is lots of vit C – so I live on oranges! Seems to help! I had three days of that before the weekend!

  4. I’m just frustrated that it has happened when we are getting better weather. I’ll just have to stick to walking until I feel better.

    I agree about the vitamin C. I have fruit every day plus about 500 mL of OJ.

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