Cricked Neck

My neck has been stiff and sore off and on for about a year, but yesterday something happened to it (I'm not sure what)  and it got quite painful. I've been finding it difficult to turn my head to the left today. It's definitely a muscular thing, like the muscles on the left are going into spasm.

Since we drive on the left in the UK, that isn't quite as bad from a cyclist's perspective as if I was struggling to turn my head the other way. I always look over my right shoulder when cycling, and cars come at me from the right at junctions.

I really need to get out on my bike again, since I've not done anything since last Sunday's ride and am going ‘stir crazy'. I'm trying to earn a living working from home so if I don't do any exercise and don't go to the shops, I can easily spend 48 hours stuck indoors here. If the neck makes cycling unsafe or too unpleasant for a while, I'll have to do some good hill walks instead.

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2 Responses to “Cricked Neck”

  1. Sorry to hear that Colin, perhaps a visit to a Physio might be worthwhile. I used to have problems with my neck, but I’m OK at the moment.

    Hope you’ve been out today, the weathers been great!


  2. Thanks Alun.

    I wish I could afford to see a physio – I’ve got lots of little aches and pains that I’d like to sort out, and professional advice/treatment is always useful. Unfortunately, anything that costs money and isn’t essential will have to wait until I have a steady income again.

    I did manage to get out for about two and a half hours, but I missed the best part of the day. It was sunny when I set off at 16:00, but it soon started clouding over. At one point, I thought it was going to rain.

    My neck wasn’t great but it didn’t really cause too much of a problem. I hope it’s okay by next weekend though – Spring Into The Dales will really punish any weaknesses!

    I hope you managed to get a ride in?

    The forecast for tomorrow is pretty good so I’ll try and get out for another 2 or 3 hours.


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