Could You Do Me A Favour Please?

Buy loads of stuff through my ads! (Only kidding, though feel free if you are doing your Christmas shopping.)

No, the favour is this… I have been getting hammered by spammers so I've taken measures to reduce the problem. I always manually review every comment so they never get through, but it was a bit of a pain going through them all. The thing is, since I made the changes, I haven't seen a single comment so I'm concerned that valid comments might be getting chucked away with the spam. It could be just that I haven't posted anything very interesting recently (sorry!) but I'd like to test that valid comments still get through my filters.

So – if you are a CycleChat member, could you post a short comment here and if you don't see it appear within 12 hours, PM me at CycleChat to let me know. Once you see a few comments appear, you don't need to add to them. I'd have already proved that the comment feature is still working.


Okay – comments seem to be still working, no need for any more on this post.

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5 Responses to “Could You Do Me A Favour Please?”

  1. [Test]

    Well, I can at least see my own comments!

  2. Hi ther

  3. Hi Amy!

    The filter plug-in seems to be working – it’s letting proper comments through but catching about 50 spam comments a day. Unlike the standard Akismet plug-in, this one throws away spam without me seeing it so I obviously wanted to be sure it wasn’t also killing proper comments.

    I’m glad that you are getting better after that nasty lurgy. I tried leaving a message when you posted about it on your blog but it didn’t appear so perhaps I forgot to submit it?

  4. How odd about the comment not appearing. Yes definitely feeling better. Although hills are harder than they should be!

  5. I see that my last comment posted on your blog from Firefox did work so it something between Blogger and my Opera browser. I’ll report the problem to the Opera team and they can work out what is going on.