Check Your Bank Statements!

Folks – here’s a Public Service Announcement!

I’ve just discovered that some low-life has got access to my bank account and has used it to get £30 (~$50) worth of credit for his/her mobile phone! I’ve contacted the bank and they have cancelled my debit card and are mailing me a new one and a fraud claim form. It’s a nuisance and a worry – if the crooks can do it once, surely they can do it again, and maybe for a much bigger sum next time?

When I posted about this on the CycleChat forum another forum member said that he’d just had £450 fraudulently taken out of his account – yikes! 😯

I’m going to check my bank account more frequently (normally, I only do it once a month). I suggest that you do the same!

Oh, another thing – the bank made a point of asking me if anybody else had access to my bank card or P.I.N. I’m pretty sure that if I’d answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, then they would have refused to compensate me. Don’t let anybody else use your card or you could end up out of pocket if a third party rips you off. And don’t even think about lying about it – a lot of ATMs and shop checkouts have security cameras mounted above them so it wouldn’t be hard for the banks to catch you out.

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2 Responses to “Check Your Bank Statements!”

  1. Identity theft is on the increase, I have had money taken from my bank A/C twice, my bank has refunded the money both times. I make a point of shredding any mail with my name and address on it (after reading it first of course !) You can’t be too careful.

  2. I keep all my statements but any other mail with personal details on gets shredded.

    Even though the banks will refund the money (provided that the customer hasn’t been letting other people have access to their card/P.I.N.) it is still a nuisance. I have to wait for a new card to arrive. If somebody was close to their overdraft limit, a fraudulent withdrawal could easily push the account over that, then standing orders and direct debits would start to fail and warning letters would be sent out by the bank at £xx a time – hassle, hassle, hassle!

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