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Walking Shoes And Walking Boots For My Birthday Present

It was my birthday last week (I’m now 56 – yikes!) and my sister offered to buy me a new pair of walking boots, since my old ones have finally fallen to bits after about 10 years of use. I’ve been distracted and hadn’t got round to telling her which ones I wanted. That turns […]

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year, folks! Here we are, another year, and a better start for me than last year. Yes, I’m still fat, but at 15 stone 12 pounds (222 pounds, 100.7 kg), at least I’m about 9 pounds down on early January last year.

Hello Again!

Hi folks. I’ve taken a long break from updating this blog. To be honest – I got pretty fed up with it when my mum was dying and I’ve been feeling pretty low since then so it just seemed a chore that I could do without. I was only updating it because I had the […]

Goodbye Mum…

Overall, 2010 was a pretty bad year for me, but the last quarter was truly awful.

Christmas & New Year Message 2010

My Christmas/New Year message…

I’m Still Alive!

In case any of you were wondering – I am still around. I’m busy writing an eBook and haven’t been out for over a week, apart from quick trips to the shops!

Could You Do Me A Favour Please?

Buy loads of stuff through my ads! (Only kidding, though feel free if you are doing your Christmas shopping.)

Family Matters

I’ve been away all week visiting my family and I didn’t have time to do any cycling or much walking while I was down south. I ate more than I usually do so I have come back at least a pound heavier and feeling pretty unfit.