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OJ nights

So, last night was another late night, but this time I was just drinking chilled sparkling mineral water with a dash of OJ.

Slimmer and Fitter?

So, ‘Slimmer and Fitter’ – it’s been just over 2 years since I started this blog and I haven’t achieved my aims. I started off making good progress, but then faltered. All the good work has unravelled and I’m basically back where I started from – fat, and relatively unfit. (That is – unfit compared […]

Progress Report – Week 66

I had a much better week – a gentle stroll, a 25 mile hilly ride, a short ‘power-walk’, an 8.7 mile walk ‘over the tops’ and a fairly hilly 73 mile ride yesterday. That’s more like it! I definitely feel like I’m getting fitter, but the slimmer part of the equation isn’t happening at the […]

Progress Report – Week 65

A really bad week – no cycling whatsoever and only one short walk lasting less than an hour! Apart from a couple of minor lapses, I ate sensibly but I drank way too much beer. Inevitably, I’ve actually gained weight. I am now 15 stone 0.3 pounds (210.3 pounds, 93.4 kg). The OJ-ometer now shows […]

Progress Report – Week 64

Half a pound on, half a pound back off again, no overall change. An uninspiring week – a 21 mile hilly bike ride plus a couple of pretty easy walks. I’m still 14 stone 13.1 pounds (209.1 pounds, 94.8 kg). The OJ-ometer still shows a total loss of 6 litres of OJ! I feel deep […]

Progress Report – Week 63

Once again – half a pound on, and half a pound back off again. It felt as though I’d had another lazy week, exercise-wise, but I’ve just checked and I did more than I remembered doing – a 25 mile hilly bike ride and 3 walks of 1, 2 and 4 hours in duration. Not […]

Progress Report – Week 62

Yet another quiet week – half a pound on through beer drinking, and half a pound back off in one stroll and a hard, hilly 51 mile ride. I’m still stuck at 14 stone 13.1 pounds (209.1 pounds, 94.8 kg). The OJ-ometer still shows a total loss of 6 litres of OJ! It’s not long […]

Progress Report – Week 61

I completely forgot to post a progress report last week, not that there was any progress to report – I actually gained a fraction of a pound but at least I managed to get in a stroll and a road bike ride. Not enough, but better than the week before that. I had a better […]