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Spring Into The Dales 2011 – Bad Lungs Stopped Play!

I’m not a happy bunny! We are having one of the sunniest, driest and warmest Aprils on record and I’d been looking forward to doing another fantastic Spring Into The Dales audax ride today with my forum pals from CycleChat. Unfortunately, I came down with a chest infection during the week and am now a […]

OJ nights

So, last night was another late night, but this time I was just drinking chilled sparkling mineral water with a dash of OJ.

Slimmer and Fitter?

So, ‘Slimmer and Fitter’ – it’s been just over 2 years since I started this blog and I haven’t achieved my aims. I started off making good progress, but then faltered. All the good work has unravelled and I’m basically back where I started from – fat, and relatively unfit. (That is – unfit compared […]

Glaucoma Test

My mother suffers from glaucoma and it is recommended that close family members should have regular eye tests to see if they are developing the condition. This is very important because 6% of such close family will go on to suffer from glaucoma themselves, and it is the second biggest cause of blindness.


I was supposed to be riding to Huddersfield today, doing the Brian Robinson Challenge then riding home. It would have been a very hilly, very gruelling 111 miles in total. Right up until last night, I was still planning to do the ride but then I saw sense. I’ve been feeling that I’m fighting off […]

Exciting News About My Cold!

The exciting news referred to in the post title is… that I feel marginally less rough than I did, and if I carry on coughing, sneezing and spluttering green/yellow stuff up and out at the current rate, my body must surely soon run out of toxic waste. Either that, or I’ll have to consider buying […]

Caught a Cold

I came down with a cold since coming back from the Midlands earlier in the week. I’ve been taking it easy to give myself a chance to get it over with ASAP, but I’m getting bored of hanging about the house all the time. I was supposed to be cycling tomorrow, but I don’t feel […]

Family Visit

I’ve been away for another family visit so I haven’t had as much exercise as I’d have liked, but I squeezed in what I could. I’ll give you a summary of the last 6 days…