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Slimmer and Fitter?

So, ‘Slimmer and Fitter’ – it’s been just over 2 years since I started this blog and I haven’t achieved my aims. I started off making good progress, but then faltered. All the good work has unravelled and I’m basically back where I started from – fat, and relatively unfit. (That is – unfit compared […]

Gym Bike Session #3, 2010

I’m still feeling very little temptation to cycle outdoors. It was grey earlier and then it started snowing again – aargh! At this rate, my first audax ride of the year in 2.5 weeks time is under threat. (That’s the Mini North-West Passage.) So, instead, I did another 65 minute session on the exercise bike […]

Gym Bike Session #2, 2010

I did another 65 minute session on the exercise bike this afternoon. I stuck to a pretty high cadence and moderate resistance setting. Fairly boring, but effective. I’ve found my missing DVD playback software and will be installing it soon so that I can do my next gym bike session watching a cycle training DVD […]

Gym Bike Session #1, 2010

The conditions outdoors continue to be dangerous for cycling and unpleasant for walking but I needed to get some exercise. I finally forced myself to go down into my unheated spare room and do a session on my gym bike.

A Letter From Mozambique

I had intended to get on my gym bike today but I decided to give myself one more day to stop wheezing from my recent cold. I didn’t used to be this cautious but I rushed out on my bike once, the first chance I got after a chest infection and I ended up unconscious […]

Family Visit

I’ve been away for another family visit so I haven’t had as much exercise as I’d have liked, but I squeezed in what I could. I’ll give you a summary of the last 6 days…

No Strolling, Just Spinning…

Ha – the local weather almost got me today, but not quite! It rained heavily overnight and once again it was still raining when I got up. I don’t mind wet roads now that I have Crud Roadracer Mudguards (Fenders) fitted to my Basso, but I still don’t like going out while rain is actually […]

A Stroll and a Spin

Well, we’ve got a proper autumn back! Last night was very wet and windy and it wasn’t much better this morning. I would have liked to have gone for a bike ride today, but not in those conditions… The rain stopped just after midday and Lisa rang to see if I would like to go […]