Brunch in Heptonstall

I'd had a very late night and then slept in so I hadn't had any breakfast when Lisa sent me a message to see if I fancied meeting her at the cafe in Heptonstall. I decided that I'd forget the healthy eating thing for once. I have porridge, dried fruit and banana almost every morning and I fancied a change. A chip butty with mayo on the side – why not!

I did my power-walk up the hill to work up an appetite and Lisa was waiting for me when I got to the village and we went to the cafe to enjoy some nice food and drink.

It was a lovely autumn afternoon. We were a little pressed for time, but it seemed a shame to walk straight back into town so we walked along the footpath from Hell Hole Rocks to the bridleway down from Lumb Bank. From there down Colden Clough to Mytholm and back through town.

I wish I'd remembered my camera today. The hills were looking very fine in the autumn sunshine. Hopefully, there will be one or two more sunny walks before the rest of the leaves fall off the trees and the winter gloom sets in?

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