Broken or Cracked Bicycle Cranks!

This is a Cyclists' Safety Warning!

*** Make sure that you regularly check the cranks on your bikes for damage ***

(A crank breaking could cause a very serious accident, as I'm sure you can imagine …)

I was cleaning my bike today and spotted something that made my blood run cold – a deep crack from one corner of the square tapered axle hole on the left crank! It would probably have failed within the next couple of rides. Sometimes I corner at 30 mph with my weight bearing down on the crank to pin the bike to the road as I carve round the turns. If a crank had broken off in a situation like that it would have caused a serious crash and possibly had me tumbling across the road in front of oncoming traffic. 😯

Cracked bicycle crank
Cracked bicycle crank

I was very lucky indeed to spot that crack. I have never checked a crank for damage in my life, despite having broken one about 10 years ago. Fortunately, that one snapped when I was riding slowly and I was able to stop without crashing. (I had to ride 5 miles home from Todmorden one-legged though, which was – literally – a pain!)

From now on, I will check my cranks whenever I check my tyres and brakes and I suggest that you do the same!

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