Big Hairy Orange Caterpillar!

Okay folks – I'm sorry! I know I promised you loads of photographs of the exciting, exotic wildlife we have here in West Yorkshire, but so far all I've posted are pictures of sheep, highland cows, llamas, buffaloes, a scary spider and a pretty butterfly! 😳

I was getting tired of the threatening emails, the late night ‘silent' phone calls, the abusive articles in the local newspapers. You can all stop now, because I've been trying to make amends; I went out specially to find something interesting for you and I'm happy to announce that, right here in the Calder Valley, unexpectedly, and to my great pleasure, I have discovered that we have a living example of the previously thought-to-be-extinct…

Big Hairy Orange Caterpillar
Big Hairy Orange Caterpillar!

Yay!!!!!! 😉

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2 Responses to “Big Hairy Orange Caterpillar!”

  1. I’m not normally sqeemish of spiders or bugs but I think I would move pretty sharpish if I found I was sharing my tent with that thing!

  2. It looked quite cute on a stone at the side of the bridleway but I wouldn’t fancy waking up with it crawling over my face! 😯

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