Bicycle Mudguards (Bicycle Fenders)

I've just updated the review of my Crud Roadracers that I wrote last October. I've had 7 months riding with them on my bike now and still recommend them – they passed my winter-riding test.

For details, see my Crud Roadracer bicycle mudguards (bicycle fenders) review.

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2 Responses to “Bicycle Mudguards (Bicycle Fenders)”

  1. Lol. We’ve just had the hottest week of the year and you’re reviewing mud-guards. Do you know something we don’t?

  2. Hopefully that wasn’t the summer over and done with but it’s raining here today! Yes, it’s not the best time of year to be talking about mudguards but I’m planning ahead and want to get myself ranked for the phrases “bicycle mudguards” and “bicycle fenders” in time for next autumn/winter. I’ve sold 12 pairs of the Crud mudguards so far and the last pair was only about 3 weeks ago so I thought it was worth updating my original review!

    That one post got me to page 5 in the Google search results for “bicycle mudguards”. It will take a lot of work to get to page 1 but I’m going to have a go because that is where the sales come from. I only get about £1 a time so it isn’t very lucrative, but once I hit on methods that work I can do the same for loads of other cycling products, preferably more expensive stuff such as groupsets, bikes and frames.

    To be honest, I’m tempted to start a new site for selling stuff and cut all the ads out of the blog, but I’ve got 17 months worth of credibility with Google now and my posts get spidered pretty quickly so it might be better to stick with this. I might reorganise this site so it looks like a conventional one with a blog attached rather than a blog with some sales stuff mixed in.

    Whatever I do, I desperately need to start earning a living wage soon. Er, check your PMs on CycleChat!

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