Another Exercise Bike Session

I had intended to do a session on the exercise bike yesterday, but I left it until late afternoon and then I received 2 unexpected long phone calls back to back. After that I was hungry, so I ended up having a meal instead. That's the second time in two weeks that something like that has happened.

I made a point of exercising earlier today to make sure that I didn't get distracted again. It was another fairly tough 45 minutes on the exercise bike, but as usual I felt really good after a 30 minute soak in a hot bath.

I can feel my fitness slowly improving after a winter lay-off, but I need to step up my efforts over the coming weeks because I am planning to ride a local bike event 6 weeks on Saturday. The ‘Mini-North-West Passage' is 75 miles in length, and includes some fairly significant hills. Last year, I did an extra 25 miles or so riding to and from the event which has its HQ on the outskirts of Rochdale, a large market town situated between here and Manchester. I was definitely under-prepared that time and felt very tired on the ride home.

When I get tired on my bike, it's actually my back which starts to hurt rather than my legs. The legs have developed a lot of stamina over the years, but my core and back muscles haven't got strong enough to take the strain which my cycling imposes on them. I have an exercise programme mapped out for my upper body, but I'm afraid that I haven't started it yet. Note to self – just get on with it!

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4 Responses to “Another Exercise Bike Session”

  1. Hi Colin,

    Interesting blog, keep up the good work. I’m trying to lose weight as well, so I’ll be looking for inspiration.
    I was on the Forest of Bowland ride you organized in the summer, hopefully you’ll do some more, meanwhile I’ll check out the Mini N/W Passage.


  2. Thanks Alun.

    Here’s a link to details of the Mini-North-West Passage.

    See you about,

  3. Hi Colin,

    I was also on the bike ride you organised in Summer. Thanks for that again BTW, it was a great day out.
    Im with you all the way on this project, after what seems an eternity since some proper riding to weather and a shitty virus, Im desperate to get my weight down and fitness up as soon as possible. it will be very interesting to read how you do.

    Good Luck


  4. Thanks Dave.

    Yes, I enjoyed that ride even though I wasn’t really on a good day. I want to get back to the kind of fitness I had in 2001 and with some hard work I can’t see why I shouldn’t.

    I’m certainly finding that this blog is helping – I’ve made an effort to keep active and cut down on my beer intake since I started it.

    I hope you get slimmer and fitter again soon yourself. There’s a lot of us trying to achieve the same goals and that’s why I chose for the name of the site.

    See you out on the road again some time.

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