Ah, The Great Outdoors…

Having been stuck indoors sniffling and coughing for over two weeks, I finally felt better and managed to get out on a little stroll with Lisa this afternoon. We did our route along the Calder Valley Cycleway and back via Nest Estate and Crow Nest Wood, with a stop afterwards at the cafe at Innovation for coffees and a shared toasted currant teacake.

The sky was blue and it wasn't raining – what can this mean? Has the long spell of wet ‘n windy weather finally come to an end, after flooding great swathes of northern England? Actually, not completely because heavy drizzle started as soon as we got back into town. Still, it had been a nice 90 minutes or so in the fresh air after being cooped up for more than 2 weeks.

I've organised a bike ride for Sunday which I'm looking forward to. Let's see how many people actually turn up on the day! 😉

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