Hi, I'm ColinJ and this blog follows my erratic attempts to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy. Er, that's erratic, folks, if you are searching for something erotic I can't help you. Unless hairy beer bellies are your thing in which case… Nah, let's not go there! 😉

I live in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, England. It's a nice little town in the Pennines, a chain of rugged hills often referred to as ‘The Backbone of England'. I'm located only 8 miles from Haworth, where the famous Brontë sisters lived and wrote some of the best-loved novels in the English language. It's a scenic area and I like few things more than getting away from the valley traffic to explore the quieter roads and trails on the hilltops. I get a great deal of pleasure from walking and cycling and aim to ‘spread the word'.

So – why did I set up SlimmerAndFitter.com? Three reasons…

  1. I wanted to get slimmer and fitter. I really enjoyed being slim and fit when I was younger and I don't intend to give in to my middle-aged beer belly. I am going to get fit again and slim back down to a 32 inch waist from a high of 45 inches. Keeping track of my progress online will help me reverse my long, slow slide towards obesity and ill-health.
  2. There are millions of people just like me all round the world and I want to inspire as many as possible to adopt healthy eating plans and take part in healthy exercise programs.
  3. I'm trying to earn a living online and one way I'm doing that is by promoting healthy lifestyles. I get commissions on sales of things like bicycles and gym equipment.

So – I end up slim, fit and healthy, you end up slim, fit and healthy, and (hopefully) my bank balance ends up being not so slim, but fit and healthy – what's not to like? 😉



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