Aaaargh – Boar Flu (Swine Flu for men)!

There’s been a lot of talk in the media about Swine Flu and how it is going to end civilisation as we know it. I know that a really serious flu outbreak could kill thousands of people but this really doesn’t seem to be it, at least not yet.

I’ve been pretty healthy for the last couple of years –  I don’t think that I’ve even had a cold but… I haven’t been feeling my robust self the past few days. It’s not been anything particularly serious – just a sore throat, a slightly wheezy chest, a temperature which has been going up and down, and now my legs have started to feel ever so slightly wobbly. I think that I can officially say that something is wrong. I don’t believe in going to the doctor for this kind of thing though. They don’t give you much time, tend to fob you off with pills you don’t need, and you are quite likely to catch something far worse from someone in the waiting room.

I believe that a healthy human body is quite capable of fighting off most of the little bugs it encounters so I let mine get on with it. I’ve only been  to see a doctor about 4 times in 40 years and one of those was only to get sunburn treated, and one time was to arrange a hearing test. One of the other times I admit that I should have gone earlier. I had a throat infection which was really uncomfortable for about 5 days. In the end, I had trouble swallowing so I couldn’t sleep (I didn’t realise how much saliva one produces when asleep, until I couldn’t swallow mine!) The doc said it was ‘Strep throat’ and I’d practically cured myself of it by then, but he put me on antibiotics anyway.

I was supposed to be tackling a strenuous hilly 100 mile bike ride on Sunday but wasn’t really feeling up to it. The weather forecast was looking pretty bad for the day too, so I have agreed with my cycling pals to postpone it until next weekend. Hopefully I will be feeling stronger again by then.

So, this is why I haven’t done any exercise worth mentioning since last weekend. When I’ve felt okay, it has been wet and windy. When the sun came out, I wasn’t feeling energetic – typical!

The forecast is quite good for tomorrow. I’ll try and get out for a walk or a gentle ride and just see how I get on. I’m not going to push myself though. I did that when I was ill about 15 years ago and ended up blacking out at the side of the road which was pretty damn scary!

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2 Responses to “Aaaargh – Boar Flu (Swine Flu for men)!”

  1. I hope you’ve recovered in time for next weeks ride.

  2. Thanks.

    I think that I’m actually getting worse but I’ll give it a few days of rest before making a final decision on that. TBH – it might not be very sensible to even attempt a century so soon after being ill but if I can manage a local ride on Thursday and feel okay afterwards – why not have a go? If trio has my route on her GPS I could always turn round and come home if I’m suffering early on.

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