A Wet Walk in Waterproof Hiking Shoes

There are times when owning a pair of waterproof hiking shoes would come in handy and there are times when it wouldn’t.

Sleeping is an example of when you wouldn’t be too concerned about your shoes, unless you were sleep-walking of course! 😉

Walking in rainy conditions is an example of when you might well consider the waterproofing (or not) of your shoes to be an important concern and today turned out to be just such a day…

I’d been stuck in my house all day, talking gibberish to myself, and occasionally posting gibberish to other people on the internet, all the time desperately trying to think up viable ways of making money online. Evidently, I need to get out more. Lisa agrees. Taking pity on me, she phoned to ask if I fancied an evening walk to Mytholmroyd and back.

Conditions didn’t look promising. The air was humid and dank grey clouds were hovering just above the local hills. Rain was a distinct possibility. Naturally I said yes!

Being a crazy Anglo-Scot and not worrying about such niceties as wearing my rain jacket when it looks like rain, I set off to pick up Lisa, wearing a light gilet over a cycling jersey. Don’t worry – I was wearing walking trousers too, just not my waterproof ones!

We walked along the Calder Valley Cycleway to Mytholmroyd, crossed the A646 and walked round to the canal towpath. We got halfway back to Hebden Bridge when the skies opened up. I was soaked within seconds. I was so wet that it wasn’t even worth sheltering under the canal bridge when we got to it.

Well, at least the rain wasn’t cold. I got caught out ‘on the tops’ in a mid-summer thunderstorm once and was shocked by how cold the rain was. The water was as cold as it could possibly be without it turning to snow or hail and it sucked the heat straight out of me. It was a scary experience that I wouldn’t care to repeat. Anyway, back to this evening – the rain was merely cool. I was okay.

We called in at the shops before going home. The woman serving me could hardly stop laughing at the poor bedraggled specimen standing before her. I left a trail of puddles behind me…

When I got home I realised that my new walking shoes which were advertised as waterproof hiking shoes actually are! My socks were dry apart from the ankle parts not covered by the shoes. They certainly passed my ’10 minutes walking in torrential rain’ test. They wouldn’t be great for walking through deep puddles or running water because they don’t cover the ankles so water can get in over the top of the shoe. If I’d been looking for the best waterproof capabilities, I’d have gone for boots, but I wanted something lighter and cheaper. I’m satisfied with my choice.

I got 20% off my shoes which I bought recently from the UK retailer linked to below. I’ve also linked to the sister company in the USA for any American hikers reading this.

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So, fellow hikers/walkers…

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