A Stroll Not A Walk!

I was supposed to go for a walk with Lisa this afternoon but we seem to have got our wires crossed somehow! I went round to her house and knocked on her door, but there was no reply. I wasn’t late and she hadn’t phoned to cancel the walk so I don’t know what the problem was. She has mislaid her mobile phone so I couldn’t get hold of her to find out where she’d gone. (I tried phoning it for her to help her find it but she had switched it off before mislaying it!)

The weather today has been pretty disappointing – cloudy, windy, cool and with a few spots of rain now and then. I half felt like turning round and going home but having made the effort to get away from my computer and put my walking clothes on, I thought I might as well at least get a little stroll in.

So, I walked along the Calder Valley Cycleway to the old clog factory on the fringes of Mytholmroyd, then turned right up the lane which passes over the railway line. It’s been a while since I walked that way because the railway bridge was closed for repairs for some time. (In fact, it wasn’t so much repaired as replaced.) I had intended to walk up to Old Chamber but it looked like it might rain at any minute so I chose to shorten the walk and descend back into town on the bridleway through Crow Nest Wood.


Ah, she’s just phoned… It was a misunderstanding about the time. I’m sure that she said 2:20 and she swears she said 2:15 and went out at 2:15 because I hadn’t arrived. (She did say 2:20!)

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