A Stroll, Not a Ride

Question: When is a strenuous bicycle ride not a strenuous bicycle ride? Answer: When everybody except Paul is either busy or decides that they don’t fancy riding in heavy rain for 4 hours in order to get through to the sunny spells that would come later, and Paul himself forgets what day the ride is taking place! 😉

Yeah, I had a CycleChat forum ride arranged for this morning, but one by one people dropped out, leaving only PaulB and myself. I was ready to go and had just opened my back door when Paul contacted me and told me that he’d mixed his days up and thought the ride was tomorrow!

Now, given that I was staring out at lashing rain at the time, you could say that I wasn’t exactly heartbroken to hear this news!

The forecast for tomorrow is much better, so the ride was quickly rearranged for tomorrow instead.

So, what to do today? First things first… I’d only had 3 hours sleep, so I went back to bed for a while. I’d only been asleep for about 10 minutes when Lisa rang, asking me if I would like to help her carry a few things up to Heptonstall this afternoon. Sunshine was forecast for the time we’d be out walking, so I agreed to meet her about 2 pm.

I got on with a few things, then called round at the arranged time. Right on cue, the sun emerged from the clouds and it became a very pleasant autumn afternoon. There was a chilly wind, but we dressed accordingly so no problem with that.

We walked round to Mytholm, up past the church, ascended the first part of Colden Clough, then up Lumb Bank to Heptonstall. I wish I’d taken my camera because there were some splendid views across the valley towards Stoodley Pike. The trees are rapidly shedding their leaves now, so it won’t be long before the hillsides are gloomy and muddy, rather than hosting the splendid mix of golden browns and reds that we were treated to this afternoon. Never mind, I’ll take the camera with me tomorrow and will try and take a few nice snaps then.

We called in at the village cafe, then I left Lisa and walked down the Heptonstall Road and The Buttress into town. The cobbles were a little treacherous with wet leaf mulch and that is something that we will have to watch out for on some of the steeper descents tomorrow. I don’t fancy going into a steep, tight bend at 20+ mph only to discover a treacherous mass of wet leaves under my front wheel as I’m trying to brake! 😯

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