A Stroll and a Spin

Well, we've got a proper autumn back! Last night was very wet and windy and it wasn't much better this morning. I would have liked to have gone for a bike ride today, but not in those conditions…

The rain stopped just after midday and Lisa rang to see if I would like to go for a walk. Sure, why not?

It didn't look like it was going to stay dry all afternoon so we decided to just do our regular little stroll to Mytholmroyd and back via Crow Nest wood, but things didn't work out like that. By the time we got to the old Walkleys Clogs mill the wind was picking up again and a heavy drizzle started. We took a shortcut up the lane to the wood rather than proceeding along Caldene Avenue and returning via the top of Nest Estate. We walked very briskly back to town and I came home feeling a bit frustrated and realising that I had surplus energy that needed burning off somehow…

I resisted the temptation to go straight upstairs to my computer. Instead, I donned my indoor cycling kit*** and headed for my exercise bike.

I played some music and did an hour of spinning, sometimes at a fairly easy resistance level, sometimes at a moderately hard level, always at a cadence of 85-100 r.p.m.

I want to get into the habit of doing regular gym bike sessions before the winter comes so I don't slip into my normal winter slump. I don't think I get anywhere near enough exercise most weeks. A lot of the time I do very little, and then I jump on my bike and go and do a hilly 100 mile ride. I'd probably be much better off doing three 33 mile rides!

Anyway, I felt better after that hour of steady effort. My feeling of restlessness had gone.

On with the day…

***Indoor cycling kit = outdoor cycling kit that has worn out but is still perfectly comfortable. For example – bibshorts with embarrassing bald patches. Bald shorts are not embarrassing when worn indoors in private, but are potentially very embarrassing when you have just ridden across three counties of northern England wearing them, and are 45 miles from home when you notice the problem… 😳

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6 Responses to “A Stroll and a Spin”

  1. It feels odd to walk shivering to the garage in shorts and tee-shirt in the middle of winter. However, within 10mins you’re normally red hot and ready to push open the garage door.

  2. I’m lucky in that I have a gym bike permanently set up in the corner of one room. It’s an unheated room, mind you, so I have the same experience in the winter. I wear multiple layers for my warm-up but after about 10 minutes I’m so hot that everything except the shorts has to come off and then I have to use a fan to stop me overheating.

    It’s a cheapo gym bike (£125). I’d like to have bought something better e.g the Greg Lemond Revmaster but I couldn’t afford one. The bike I ended up with doesn’t have enough saddle height adjustment for me. I only have a 32″ inside leg measurement but the saddle was still about 4″ too low at maximum height. I bodged it higher with a piece of timber bolted under the saddle! I also have to raise the front of the bike a few inches to get the front up high enough.

    It doesn’t have a fixed-wheel but I pedal it as if it has i.e. I pedal steadily and continuously, only stopping to stretch and drink every 15 minutes. It’s definitely more tiring on the resistance setting I use than riding a road bike, even on the hills round here (at the slowish speeds I normally ride at). I can pack a lot of effort into 45-60 minutes. I used to do up to 2 hours but if I worked hard on those sessions they used to exhaust me. If I didn’t work so hard, they were boring and a waste of time. I decided that harder, shorter sessions were better so I rarely go over an hour now. I had intended to only do 45 minutes yesterday, but I wanted to listen to the last few tracks on the CD so I carried on for an extra 15 minutes. I can feel in my legs that I did something fairly strenuous yesterday.

  3. The turbo kills me too. I can’t manage more than 2 hours or so before i’m keeling over.

    I’ve only tried the fixie on the turbo once. I have Tacx fortus, you ride along to a video and when you go downhill it spins the rear wheel to simulate free-wheeling. There was something very wrong about being on a bike with a motor straining to make you pedal quicker.

  4. I used to have a turbo-trainer but I didn’t like having to keep fixing my bike to it then taking it off again. It was a bit fiddly, the turbo was noisy and my rear tyre kept getting shredded by the roller (serves me right for buying a cheap one!) Having the gym bike permanently set up means that I am much more likely to use it on impulse – like yesterday, for example.

  5. Hey, since you’re already biking inside, why not bike in Italy. If you’ll write an independent review of my cycling DVD, I’ll send you a free Virtual Cycling DVD from Global Ride. Email me if you are interested. I guarantee, it’s better than staring at the walls, and for YOU, my blogging friend, it will be free! 🙂

  6. That’s the kind of offer I like! 😉

    I’ll have to borrow a DVD player to use in that room but I already have a spare Television that can be installed in front of the gym bike.

    Check your email Gene!

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