A Quick Chilly Stroll

Maisie and Mal are visiting and were supposed to be coming for a walk with Lisa and me today, but Maisie was feeling under the weather and wanted to stay in.

I had to walk to the railway station to try and get a refund for some rail tickets that I can't use so Lisa came with me. It was cold, but the sky was clear blue and it was nice to be outdoors again.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my money back on those tickets so that was £27.30 wasted! It seems that you can get a refund for an Anytime ticket, which is one that is flexible, so you could use it on a different day to the one you originally intended to travel (i.e. you probably wouldn't need to cash it in). An Advance ticket is tied to a specific seat on a specific train, so you might need to change that. Well, you can, for a £10 admin fee, if you do it before the original journey was due. What you can't do, is get a refund if you can't travel at all – typical!

Still, at least we got a few miles in before heading home for lunch.

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