4 Strolls To Heptonstall

I haven't bothered to post about 3 recent strolls to Heptonstall since there wasn't much to say about them other than that I did them, and that I've been feeling better each time. I walked up the hill ‘the long way round' with Lisa again today and had a coffee stop with her there before walking back down the hill to the shops. Lovely sunny conditions again, but terribly windy! April has been the warmest and driest in this area since records began. That probably means that we will have a dreadful summer again, but I hope not – I'd love this good weather to last 6 months to lift my spirits and prepare me for next winter.

I've finally got the strength back in my legs. I have no idea what the mystery bug was but it made me feel weak and wobbly without ever developing into a full-blown cold or dose of ‘flu.

I still have the wheezy chest, but it isn't causing me any major problems unless I really try to push myself, at which point I start to run out of breath.

I need to get back on the bike and do a serious ride. Fortunately – I have one of those lined up for tomorrow with my CycleChat pals! We are doing another ride to Waddington and back. I've extended the route somewhat since the last time we did it. We'll be taking in the Nick o'Pendle and Bashall Eaves this time. That adds quite a bit of extra climbing and extends the route to 104 km or 64.5 miles.

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