Waddington Road Ride (Metric Century A Month, 2012, Month #1)

I have set myself the challenge of doing at least one metric century bike ride (100 kms or 62 miles) every month of this year. The winter months are obviously the hardest ones. I think, barring accident or illness, that March to October should be okay, but January, February, November and December could be tricky.

I'd left it late in the month to get the January ride in. I'd scheduled this ride for last weekend, but postponed it due to extremely windy conditions. This weekend turned out to be cold, but I had a team of CycleChat forum members lined up to ride with me and motivate me to do the ride.
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Walking Shoes And Walking Boots For My Birthday Present

It was my birthday last week (I'm now 56 – yikes!) and my sister offered to buy me a new pair of walking boots, since my old ones have finally fallen to bits after about 10 years of use. I've been distracted and hadn't got round to telling her which ones I wanted. That turns out to be A Very Good Thing because the company I was going to suggest to her (Javari – an Amazon company) have just sent me a 20% off voucher code! (Read on – I'll give it to you further down the post!)
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Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year, folks!

Here we are, another year, and a better start for me than last year.

Yes, I'm still fat, but at 15 stone 12 pounds (222 pounds, 100.7 kg), at least I'm about 9 pounds down on early January last year.
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Season of Mists 2011

I previously posted this report on CycleChat but decided that I really should have posted it here so I've cut and pasted it, and linked to it from the CycleChat ride thread. (Sorry, no photos on this report. The light was poor and there was rain on the lens of my camera. Refer to the pictures on my 2009 ride report if you want to enjoy the scenery in better conditions!)

Season of Mists (SoM)is one of a pair of sister audax events which start from and finish in Hebden Bridge, the sister event being Spring Into The Dales, or SITD. I've ridden both of them before, but last year's SoM was plagued by torrential rain so I abandoned early on, and I was ill for this year's SITD. I had unfinished business with the event and really wanted to have a good ride today.

The weather leading up to today has been spectacularly good and many UK weather records have been broken. It was 27°C here yesterday, in October!
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‘Dip Into The Dales’

I missed the Spring Into The Dales (SITD) audax ride this year due to illness and was mightily peeved at the time. I thought it would now be good to organise a CycleChat forum ride along similar lines so I plotted a route which took in some elements of the old and new SITD routes and added some unfamiliar roads which I wanted to explore. I posted about the route on CycleChat and got quite a few people interested in joining me.
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Hello Again!

Hi folks.

I've taken a long break from updating this blog. To be honest – I got pretty fed up with it when my mum was dying and I've been feeling pretty low since then so it just seemed a chore that I could do without. I was only updating it because I had the notion that it was somehow important to maintain the complete record of my exercise which I have been doing for nearly 3 years. Then I realised that it meant that I was writing endless boring posts about walking up the hill to Heptonstall, that kind of thing. There wasn't really any point. I stopped.

I've let a few important things slip by unmentioned, including a trip to Scotland to scatter my mum's ashes in her home village. It meant a lot to me, but it isn't something I really want to write about. Yes, there were some great walks and mountain bike rides too while I was up there. I'll remember them with fond sadness.

So … from now on, I'm mainly going to be writing in detail about walks or rides that I really enjoy and I'll try and provide enough detail that you could go out and do them yourselves if they appeal to you.

The blog will stop being just my online exercise diary. I'll find a nice new visual theme for it and take off most of the advertisements. I will still be trying to earn some money from it and I'll try and make it more useful to people who want to visit this area to walk or cycle.

If you don't hear from me in the mean time, I should be reporting on a ride next weekend in the countryside N & NE of Leeds. It has been organised by some of my CycleChat pals and is taking me to some places that I haven't been to before so it should be fun.

Catch you later,

Steve H’s Thule Bike Rack

On a recent forum ride, I was so impressed with Steve H's Thule bike rack that I decided to write a review of it with his help. If you are looking for a better way of carrying bikes on your car, please read bike racks for cars.

A Meander Round Hollingworth Lake

M & M were heading home but we had a sunny spell so they decided to postpone their journey for a couple of hours and drive us to Hollingworth Lake for a little walk. We called in at the Visitor Centre for lunch, then walked slowly round the lake looking at the birds and chatting.

We said goodbye to M & M and caught the train home. If Lisa's foot wasn't still playing up, we might have walked back to Todmorden along the canal towpath. We'll save that for another time.